About Hazzan Michael Krausman

Mission: As a Shaliach Tzibur (prayer emissary) I endeavor not only to facilitate and represent the prayers of the congregation but also to act as a liaison between the prayers and the congregation. Thus, I take every opportunity to teach and exemplify the spirituality, life and meaning of our sacred liturgy and music. As a part of the clergy team, I endeavor to reach out to each member of my congregational family.

Hazzan Michael Krausman, a graduate of York University in Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, received his investiture as Hazzan at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in New York in 1985. There he was awarded the Hammerman prize for Excellence in pulpit performance.

While spending his youth in Toronto, Hazzan Krausman sang in the Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda synagogue choir under the internationally acclaimed Hazzan Louis Danto. Hazzan Krausman studied vocal Technique with Maitland Peters, chairman of the voice faculty of the Manhattan School of Music,  Dr. Rachel Lebon of the University of Miami and with Manny Perez. He also studied Hazzanut under Hazzan Daniel Gildar. Prior to assuming the pulpit at Temple Sinai of Hollywood Florida, Hazzan Krausman served congregations in Flushing, New York, and Clark and Rockaway New Jersey. He also served as a consultant and instructor of Bar/Bat Mitzvah students with special needs for the Jewish Education Association (JEA) of Metro West. Currently, Krausman is the Hazzan of Beth El Synagogue of Omaha Nebraska.

Krausman is the author of My Bar Mitzvah Book, An Interactive Approach to Bar/Bat Mitzvah Training and has published articles in several journals, including a publication for parents of deaf and hard-of-hearing children. He has also produced: A Guide for Shabbat Morning Services,  A High Holiday Companion, A new Siddur for Friday Evening Services, the Weekday Minyan Companion and a L’Havin U’Lhaskel,  A Learners Service Siddur for Shabbat and weekdays.

Hazzan Krausman has made numerous concert appearances. Raising funds for summer camp scholarships, his yearly Beth El Cantors Concert has met with great acclaim.  Previously, his annual Temple Sinai Festival of Jewish music was an invariable success. Hazzan Krausman has participated in communal Holocaust memorial services in Nebraska, as well in New Jersey and Florida . Krausman is well known for his learners Minyan at Camp Ramah Darom Family Camp.

Currently, Hazzan Krausman serves as Chairman of the South East Region of the Cantors Assembly, the international professional organization of Hazzanim.  He also leads a daily Exploratory Prayer service for High School Students at David Posnack Jewish Day School In 2004 Hazzan Krausman together with his wife Laurel were chosen as Temple Sinai’s Dinner- Dance Journal honorees for their tireless and loving dedication to the synagogue community.

In addition to chanting services each Shabbat and on holidays, the Cantor has been intricately involved in all of the Beth El’s education programs, working with members of all ages, from toddlers in pre-school to senior members in adult education program. Click here to see the Hazzan’s  resume for more details of what he does.

Hazzan Michael Krausman is available as a scholar in residence and for distance learning across the internet for individuals or groups. For more info, please e-mail msk@cybarmitzvah.com

Musical Examples

U’nitane Tokef:  High Holiday Musaph.

Composed by: L. Lewandowski/ Hazzan Michael Krausman

[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/141011/new%20demo/un%27tane3.mp3]

L’Cha Ezbach Zevach Todah: Hallel

Composed by: Hazzan Michael Krausman, Gary Lawrence Piano Accompaniment

[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/141011/new%20demo/L%27cha%20Ezbach1.mp3]

Yihiyu L’Ratzon/ May the Words of My Mouth: Conclusion of the Amida

Composed by: Hazzan Michael Krausman

[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/141011/new%20demo/Yhiyu3.mp3]

Licha Dodi Sampler: A tapestry of melodies for the popular Erev. Shabbat Prayer

[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/141011/sharedmusic/Samples/lichaddodisampler.mp3]

Ahavat Olam: Erev Shabbat

Composed by: Debbi Friedman, Gary Lawrence Piano Accompaniment

[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/141011/new%20demo/Ahavat%20Olam1.mp3]

Musaph Kedusha Medly; Shabbat and Festivals

Composed by: Hazzan Michael Krausman, Gary Lawrence Piano Accompaniment

[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/141011/new%20demo/Kedusha%20medly1.mp3]

Mi She’asah Nissim: Blessing of the New Month


[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/141011/new%20demo/misheasa1.2.mp3]


“Hazzan Michael Krausman is a talented and hard working Hazzan. His musicianship is first rate, his teaching abilities are superb and he is able to work online as well as in person. His E-Hazzan site has a wealth of information for experts and lay leaders. He was totally committed to our synagogue and to the leadership and students there. I had the honor of working with him for many years and we have remained good friends. No rabbi could ask for more in a partner or fellow clergy”

Rabbi Randal Konigsburg harmelech@aol.com

3 thoughts on “About Hazzan Michael Krausman

  1. Heard rumors you accepted position in Omaha. If true, wish you Hatzlacha.
    I served Beth El proudly for 22yrs. If you have any questions I will be very happy to talk to you.



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