Welcome to E-Hazzan

Welcome to E-Hazzan.  My name is Hazzan Michael Krausman and I live in beautiful Hollywood FL. I will be posting short articles about subjects related to our prayer service and our Jewish Musical Heritage. Each edition will include  links to  related audio files that you can lsiten to. This is also a great opportunity to get quick answers to your questions.

 Would you like to learn how to lead a service or read Torah or Haftarah without leaving the comfort of your computer? This is your chance! Contact me at msk@cybarmitzvah.com or post a comment below if you have questions or ideas for future topics.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to E-Hazzan

  1. I am looking for music for High Holy Days 2011 for a Reform congregation. I would be doing some solo fill-in pieces while the Cantor would be chanting the main pieces which he will choose. We may have some duets. He is a baritone and I am an alto who can reach much the second-soprano range.

    While we mainly do traditional pieces, it would be great to have some suggestions of slightly less conventional music that will stir up the congregation in an uplifting way.

    All suggestions are welcome!

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