Hazzan in Residence: An Encounter with our Liturgical Heritage

A wonderful opportunity to experience a Shabbat or weekend with an accomplished Hazzan / Educator. In addition to leading services, Hazzan Krausman will share his unique passion and insight into our sacred Jewish Liturgical Heritage. All discussions and explanations are presented in a relaxed, affable manner, allowing for ample opportunity for questions or input from participants. Hazzan Krausman can also offer assistance to those who wish to learn a Torah Portion including texts, recordings and online coaching. In addition to the ideas presented below, this would be a great occasion for a family oriented, interactive Shabbat Meal or Havdala program.

Having a Hazzan in Residence can be the springboard for an ongoing class or series of talks on subjects such as Jewish Prayer, Torah Reading or Jewish Music.

 Sample Schedule for a Weekend:

Friday Evening, Erev Shabbat

The Power of Prayer

We will begin with a brief introduction to the origins and development of our prayer service – the transformation from a sacrificial cult to an evolving worship service. Concepts such as  the dynamics of the Bracha ( blessing) and the impact of communal prayer will be introduced. The role of sacred music will also be touched upon.  After a question period, a melody may be introduced to the congregation which will be incorporated into the service.

Shabbat Morning

Choose one or more of the following Mini Modules.

Learners Service

We will be using an original customizable Siddur containing the Hebrew prayer text, complete transliteration, English translation and commentary. Throughout the service, participants are encouraged to ask questions and offer personal insights into the prayers. Several of the modules discussed below, such as “synagogue aerobics” are integrated into the service.  Other options  including meditation and Yoga can be incorporated. Communities can choose the “Have a Cup of Coffee with G-d format” where coffee, other beverages and snacks are served throughout the service. The learners service creates a warm, congenial, comfortable and engaging atmosphere for participants on all levels.

Synagogue Aerobics

A lighthearted, low impact way to learn about the various movements associated with prayer. Actions such as rising on ones toes, bending and bowing are explained and combined into a sequence that is both informative and invigorating.

Crash Course in Torah Reading

The entire assembled congregation is taught ancient art of chanting the Torah according to the ancient art of Cantillation. This early system of musical notation, also know as “Trope” or “Ta’ame Ha Miqra” is presented in a systematic way resulting in all assembled being able to chant the first verses of the Torah. All appropriate materials will be provided.

The Building Blocks of the Prayer Service

Using extra large “Lego Bricks” a structure illustrating the various components that comprise the Shabbat morning service is systematically constructed for the congregation. A brief explanation of the role of each component is presented. Differences between the Shabbat and weekday morning service are similarly demonstrated.

Becoming an Active Participant

We will learn when and how to respond during a prayer service verbally and / or physically. The meaning and appropriate  usage of responses such as “Amen”  and  “Baruch Hu U’varuch Shemo” will be explored and analyzed. We will also examine which prayers are recited in unison with the leader and which are  recited responsively.

Sunday Morning

Greatest Hits of Synagogue Music

Using recorded and printed examples, participants are taken on a journey through the history of synagogue music. Selections from each significant period are presented and discussed. There are opportunities to ask questions and of course to sing along. This is both informative and entertaining.

You Jewish Name – Your spiritual ID: A Jewish Family Education Program

Participants learn the significance of a Hebrew name, consult relevant sources in the Torah  as well as on the internet and create a Spiritual ID card. Parents are given the opportunity to share the significance and origin of the Jewish Names of Family Members. A resource booklet is provided.

What’s Next?

Hazzan Krausman is available for a variety of on-line courses ranging from basic Hebrew reading to Torah/ Haftara chanting to Feeling Comfortable with the Shabbat Service. These classes can be arranged for individuals or for groups.

Contact information:

Hazzan Michael Krausman

5306 Grant St.  Hollywood, FL 33021

754-273-8613       Msk@cybarmitzvah.com  cybarmitzvah.com.        www.ehazzan.wordpress.com

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