Share a Prayer: Elohai Neshama


Welcome to “Share a Prayer” a quick look at a prayer that is found in our daily, Shabbat or Holyday Prayer Service. Often during the course of the service we encounter some real gems that we don’t have time to reflect upon; this will give us an opportunity to select one prayer and take a closer look at it.

Those who are familiar with the Siddur (prayer book) will note that even before the formal service begins there is a collection of personal prayers and reflections that can be offered. Elohai Neshama –” My God the soul that You implanted with in me…,” the passionate prayer dating back to Talmudic Times (Berachot60b) is a perfect example of such a prayer. The text reflects the notion that at night time our soul returns to heaven when we sleep – perhaps for maintenance, only to be restored, God willing, in the morning when we awaken. God gave life to humanity by breathing in to the first human a tiny bit of the Divine. Thus, our Neshama or “soul” is that part of God that is inside each and every one of us. Elohai Neshama gives us the opportunity to express gratitude to God and to remind our selves of our connectedness to our Creator and to each other.

Here is a link to the text in Hebrew and English.

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