Tephila Tips #8 The Shema

The Shema

Perhaps the most know of all Jewish prayers is the Shema. The message of the Shema, is that there is only one G-d and we are privileged to have a special relationship with G-d.

Play list.

  1. Shema – Rick Recht; Rick Recht, Shabbat Alive

  2. Shema, SulzerHazzan Gaston Bogomolni, Shabbat Memories of Omaha

  3. Vahavta, Julie Silver, Walk With Me

These are short audio tidbits of information that help you to understand the meaning and structure of our prayers and services.  If you have a question, suggestion or comment; feel free to add a comment on this post or to send me an e-mail to hazzan@e-hazzan.com. You can also call me at 754-273-8613

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Thanks very much

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